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Simple Tips for Using the Bow Drill

I’m not going to lie, this isn’t the movies. Using a bow drill is not easy. When people first get into learning survival the first thing they want to do is learn to build a fire. The problem is that we are trying to be patient with inpatient people. They want to know the old […]Read More

How to Split Logs Without an Axe

When you have a fire going and need some more firewood, it can be a challenge when you don’t have the right tools for the job. We are going to also assume that you don’t have a saw on hand either but that you DO have a knife in your survival kit. For slimmer branches […]Read More

Don’t Forget the Pencil Sharpener in Your BOB

It’s small, cheap, lightweight and it might just help to save your life one day! When we think about useful items to put into a survival kit we often look to the ‘big’ things. The ‘obvious’ things. In doing so, we neglect to look at the smaller, yet multi-functioning pieces of equipment. And one of […]Read More

Put Out Fires Fast With the Elide Fire Ball

I am sure that you understand the importance of keeping fire extinguishers not just at your place of work, but also at your home. The issue with a fire extinguisher is that you need to get pretty close to the fire in order to successfully extinguish it. This is where the Elide Fire Ball comes […]Read More