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How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

While washing our hands with soap and water is the best way to reduce the amounts of germs and chemicals on them, it isn’t always possible. in this case, the CDC recommends that you use a hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol to avoid getting sick and spreading germs onto other people. Why […]Read More

How to Take a Punch to the Face

It is never cowardice to walk away from a fight and doing so could save you a lot of head trauma. If some idiot wants to start trouble in the street, leave them to it, and if you have no choice but to stand your ground, you need to be ready to get punched. You […]Read More

How to Make Glue From Pine Resin

If you ever find yourself lost in the wilderness, the pine tree is a gold mine as pretty much all parts of the tree can be used in one way or another to aid in your survival. Whether you need to bandage up a wound, in need of a drink, making fire, or you get […]Read More

How to Prevent Altitude Sickness

Let’s imagine for a moment that we are climbing a mountain. The higher up the mountain that we go, the less oxygen that is in the air. As a species, humans are pretty good at adjusting to different altitudes up to around 8,000 feet providing we do it gradually. If we go higher than 8,000 […]Read More

How to Escape a Boa Constrictor

Many people falsely believe that boa constrictors kill their prey by suffocation when in fact it is done by cutting off the blood supply of the victim. If you think about it this makes a lot of sense as many different species can exist a fairly long time without air, but the same can’t be […]Read More