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Surviving Suicide

Before we start I must warn you that this article could end up getting very deep and very personal. I have battled with my mind from a very early age and grew up doing nothing but trying to hide that away. My family didn’t understand it and thought I was just acting out and then […]Read More

How to Make a Manual Pocket Chainsaw

A chainsaw isn’t realistically something that you’d think of for your survival kit due mainly to its size and weight but it sure would come in useful, right? Well you can easily make your own pocket-sized chainsaw in 30 minutes that won’t add too much extra weight to the survival kit. They are so simple […]Read More

How to Train for a Hike

Our fitness is something that we should take very seriously. If I’m honest, I haven’t taken it as seriously as I should for about 5 months so it is time to change that. No more taking the easy option and just buying more survival gear. It is time to get back outside and practice or […]Read More

How to Make Your Own Berkey Water Filter System

Berkey water filters are known as being some of the best water filters ever designed which the price also reflects, they are not cheap. Before we get started I just wanted to quickly give our readers a little information about the company behind the original Berkey Water Filter. Who Are Berkey? Berkey is a family-owned […]Read More

Ways to Get Your Car Out of the Mud

I just can’t lie, driving through the mud is fun! Whether intentional or not, at some point your vehicle is going to hit the mud. Sadly, sometimes it’s not as easy as driving in one side and out the other in the same movement. Sometimes, we just can’t help getting stuck! What do you do […]Read More