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How the Media Controls us With Fear Tactics

Have you ever heard a news story in the background about something that has happened and you immediately turn to see what is going on? I know I have. The media knows that it is human nature to do just that and will prey on our concerns about how these stories may affect us. They […]Read More

How Your Social Media Accounts are Making You a Target

Social media is an easy and convenient way to keep in touch with friends and family from anywhere in the world. The problem is that when you share anything on social media, it can be seen by people other than friends and family and you don’t know exactly who is watching. If you’re not careful […]Read More

How Can a Business Prepare For a Natural Disaster?

How can a business prepare for a natural disaster? This is often a question that is never thought about until it is already too late. During any natural disaster, businesses are affected and sometimes, long after the actual event has ended. It doesn’t matter whether preparing for a hurricane, wild fire, tornado, earthquake, or something […]Read More

How do You Survive a Flash Flood?

In the earlier days of UK Survival Guides we wrote a guide for preparing for a flood. Today we want to take a look at flash floods and more importantly, how to survive a flash flood. The dangerous thing about flash floods over normal flooding is the speed at which the waters build. There can […]Read More