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Respect the Police

I’m not going to lie, the police have had plenty of bad press. But so has the average citizen and I still respect them. Whether it is from not turning up to a reported crime to police harassment, people have their reasons as to why they are losing their respect for the police and I […]Read More

5 Year Minimum Sentence For Stun Guns in the UK

For those that don’t already know, here in the UK, we have incredibly strict laws when it comes to anything that can be used as a weapon or in many cases, self-defense. We aren’t allowed pepper spray as it is classed as a weapon and the only ones allowed to use it are the police. […]Read More

UK Law on Self Defence

This information is provided for guidance purposes only. Current legislation and case law are subject to frequent change. Whilst it is our intention to keep this post updated, we accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any action taken in relation to the information contained in these pages and recommend that appropriate legal advice be […]Read More