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How to Make a 60 lb PVC longbow

There are a number of videos on YouTube for creating longbows but this one is one of the better ones that I have come across. The video is from YouTuber Themanscave and you will be shown how to make a 60 lb PVC longbow. This is an updated version that is a lot easier to […]Read More

How to Make a Simple Trip Wire Alarm

A simple search on the internet can pull up thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of cool DIY projects that you can make at home with minimal supplies. In a lot of cases, everything you need you probably already have around the home. Today we want to share a video for a simple but effective […]Read More

How to Make a Bucket Rat Trap

I really do not like rats, in fact, I hate them and they will eat just about anything they can get their grubby little selves near. To be fair, they are only doing what they need to survive, eating, I just don’t want them eating MY food. Rats are actually pretty crafty little animals and […]Read More

How to Make Vinegar at Home

Almost all prepper pantries are stocked with one variety of vinegar or another but did you know that you can save money by making your own vinegar at home? This guide will walk you through the easy process of making vinegar at home and although it’s fairly cheap to buy, homemade simply tastes better. The […]Read More

How to Make a Fast Acting Ant Killer

I have tried a few different methods of homemade ant killers but none worked quite as well as this one and it only uses three ingredients. The thing is, there are many products available that promise to rid your home of ants. The costs can quickly build and at the end of it all….. You […]Read More