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Good Reasons and Firearms

Here in the UK before you will be issued with a firearms licence you will need to provide a good enough reason for owning the firearm but this has always been a dark area with no one really sure what a good enough reason even is. Try using protection or self defence as an answer […]Read More

Respect the Police

I’m not going to lie, the police have had plenty of bad press. But so has the average citizen and I still respect them. Whether it is from not turning up to a reported crime to police harassment, people have their reasons as to why they are losing their respect for the police and I […]Read More

Filming the Police: Be Prepared (Stop and Search)

Pretty much everybody now carries a camera with them these days in the form of their cell phone. With this, more people than ever before are able to record the actions of the police. While anybody can pull their phone out, switch to camera and start recording, there are a few things that you can […]Read More

MIUFLY 1296P HD Body Camera with Night Vision and GPS

MIUFLY 1296P HD Waterproof Police Body Camera for Law Enforcement With 2 Inch Display, Night Vision, Built in 32GB Memory and GPS Body cameras have many uses from police and security to citizens on the streets.¬†This particular body camera is as the title suggests designed for Law Enforcement. Allowing you to add watermarks, user IDs, […]Read More