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37 Preparedness Tasks to Start Today

As most of you reading this are now in lockdown, what better time is there to start getting your preparedness in order. It is entirely up to you how many of these tasks you decide to do each day but I do ask that you please use the hashtag #UKSGPrepChallenge on Twitter so that I […]Read More

Simple Tricks to Prevent Frost on a Car

It sure is getting cold here in the UK as the temperatures plummet across the nation. If you are a motorist then you know what this means…frost! Not only can frost on a vehicle cause delays but if it is not dealt with properly before hitting the road, it can have devastating consequences. As with […]Read More

Fabric Storm Panels for Hurricane Preparedness

Metal hurricane shutters are just too expensive for most people and so they turn to more DIY alternatives to save money while still getting protection. Plywood is often the first thing that comes to mind but have you ever considered fabric? These types of storm barriers are usually made of mesh sheets or reinforced polyvinyl […]Read More

Pet Disaster Preparedness Tips

While many of our readers have an emergency disaster kit in their home, I was surprised to learn how few of them had put plans in place for their pets. The tips that we will be sharing today will show you how you can keep your pet safe during a natural disaster. You’ll also learn […]Read More

4 Steps to Start Your Emergency Preparedness Today

If we are prepared, we shall not fear – Quentin L. Cook Many people want to make steps to better prepare themselves and their families for emergencies but with the mass amount of information available, they quickly become overwhelmed. While it is highly unlikely that anybody could ever fully prepare themselves for every single emergency, […]Read More