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10 Prepper Websites I Visit Often

As any website owner must do, before writing any posts here at UKSG we do our research and we usually do that by visiting other prepper and survival sites. After all, no single website can hold all of the answers that you need and many have their own takes on certain topics. I am always […]Read More

7 Survival Gifts That a Prepper Will Love

When you are looking for that perfect gift for those that are into prepping or survival, it is important to choose something that would be truly useful. You don’t want to choose something that would never really get used or just thrown in a drawer or cupboard and forgot about. Christmas is over but we […]Read More

Christmas Gift Ideas for Preppers and Survivalists

Please share our blog posts using the buttons above – we’re trying to spread the word of UK Survival Guides. Thanks! It is getting to that time of the year when you need to start thinking about buying gifts for your friends and family members. During this guide we are going to be looking at […]Read More