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Common Questions About Preppers

When it comes to preppers and prepping there are a lot of misconceptions that aren’t helped by the way the media portrays us. If you have ever seen the TV show Doomsday Preppers you will know what I am talking about. We are made to look like a bunch of crazed tin-foil hat wearing hoarders […]Read More

COVID-19: Most Common Questions Answered

It has been a scary time lately for many people around the world with many places now in lockdown like we are here in the UK. When I first started hearing about COVID-19 I wasn’t sure what to think. Was it just a flu? Was it a biological weapon released from China? I was reading […]Read More

Send Us Your Questions

Our goal here at UK Survival Guides has always been to help our readers as much as possible by giving them the information that they need in order to survive difficult situations. We usually answer our reader questions via email but as we were discussing this earlier, it actually seemed kind of silly. If one […]Read More

LifeStraw Review and What You Need to Know

I see a lot of questions popping up in my Twitter feed regarding the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. As I was planning on doing a review for this product, I decided that I would also take the time to answer some of these questions here on UK Survival Guides. Now first off, this water filter […]Read More