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Reduce False Alarms with Your Home Security System

I am sure our readers have heard about the familiar story of the boy who cried wolf and what happens to someone when they raise false alarms. This however, is not child’s play, and false alarms can cost millions and put significant strain on police resources. One common problem with false alarms is that it […]Read More

Home Security 101: Securing the Windows

Looking back through some of our older posts I realised that I had started the Home Security 101 series of posts but had never got further than discussing the front door. So today we are going to carry this series of posts on and continue with securing the windows. Securing your windows is a simple and […]Read More

Security Tips for Places of Worship

Churches and other places of worship are supposed to be safe places for everyone. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and attacks and such places are on the rise. Security is often a difficult task due to high traffic volumes and an open door policy but there are steps that can be taken. A good […]Read More

Keep Hackers Out of Your Smart Home

Home security has come a long way in the last few years with us now having a wide range of smart sensors, alarms and door entry systems available to us. While most of these smart home products do a very good job at what they are supposed to do, some of them could potentially be […]Read More

Garage Security Tips

When it comes to home security, we often spend our time worrying about the doors and windows of our homes but forget about the garage. Garage doors are in most cases pretty weak and they can give thieves easy access to your home. They take very little effort and virtually no time to force open. […]Read More