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Using Wasp Spray for Self-Defense

I was on Facebook earlier today when a friend of mine shared a post about using wasp spray for self-defense. The post itself is nothing new and has been doing the rounds via email and on social media since 2009 but what shocked me was that people are still falling for this myth even now. […]Read More

Why You Should Learn Self-Defense

Well, as the title suggests, we are going to be looking at what I consider to be good reasons that not only you, but also your children learn self-defense. Here at UK Survival Guides we believe that everyone has a right to defend themselves.  You should never go out of your way to find trouble […]Read More

How Do You Defend Yourself Verbally?

First off, let’s just take a quick look at what Wikipedia says about verbal self-defense: I think we have all said things at times that we wish we could take back. Maybe it was a joke that was taken the wrong way or even a sarcastic comment. We’ve also all been on the receiving end […]Read More

Easy Self-Defense Moves You Can Master

When we head out for a walk somewhere the last thing we expect is confrontation with somebody, but it can and does happen. If you were to be confronted late at night, could you defend yourself? While it should always be a top priority to avoid confrontation, sometimes it just isn’t possible and this is […]Read More

Basics of Unarmed Self-Defense

You may think that by having weapons in the home you somehow don’t ever need to understand unarmed self-defense. The thing is, you can’t guarantee that you will always be near your weapon when someone attacks you. You also can’t guarantee that you won’t drop a knife or other weapon or that they won’t function […]Read More