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Tips for Buying in Bulk

When building your stockpile, the best way of saving money is to buy in bulk as you are getting more for your money. The products also cost a fair bit less individually when you purchase them this way. Get it right and you will save a lot of money. Get it wrong and you will […]Read More

Beginner Tips for Building Your Emergency Food Supply

The wealth of information available surrounding emergency food storage can get overwhelming for somebody just starting out. There are guides telling you what you should buy, how much of it you should buy, where to buy it, how to store it, how to cook it, and believe it or not, even how to eat it. […]Read More

Stock Inventory and the FIFO Method

Stockpiling food and water is like buying insurance: Your household may never face a devastating earthquake, a crippling storm, a flu pandemic or other disaster — but if it does, and you are cut off even for a week from food and services, a cache of stored food, water and other supplies may prove priceless. […]Read More

UK Survival Guide to Extreme Couponing

If you have already started building your stockpile then you will quickly notice how expensive it can become. This is where extreme couponing can help you out. If you have seen the TV show Extreme Couponing you will see how these people are building huge stockpiles of food for next to nothing. The great thing […]Read More

Survival Foods You Must Have in Your Pantry

You will see a lot get said about stockpiling foods on preparedness websites and this should make it clear how important it is. This isn’t an easy task, it takes time and plenty of planning to get it right. Ideally, you want to store shelf stable foods that your family normally consumes, as well as […]Read More