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Surviving a Shipwreck

The sea is like the desert, but made of water rather than sand. Every direction that you look is exactly the same. The main difference is that there are some very big predators lurking under the surface that are in search of their next meal. The Titanic is most probably the most famous shipwreck in […]Read More

Sewing for Survival

We need clothes, it is a form of shelter for our bodies. They can help keep us warm or even keep the rain off. If we need it, we go straight to the store and buy it. When we need new clothes we don’t repair the ones we have we just buy new. But let’s […]Read More

Eating Snake in a Survival Situation

Could you? Would you? I used to keep quite a few different snakes and different reptiles when I lived with my ex girlfriend of mine and I remember a friend asking me one day, “if you had to, would you eat one?” I looked at him gone out until I realised what he was talking […]Read More