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7 Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life

I confess, I don’t think any of these hacks will actually ever be used to save a life, but they might get somebody out of a sticky situation. In the following video you’re going to learn: How to Make a Lantern Out Of a Soda Can How to Make a DIY Water Filter How to […]Read More

Awesome DIY Smoke Bomb

When lost in the wilderness and in need of rescue, you need a way of alerting others to your location. I have come across many videos and articles showing different methods of making your own smoke bombs in the past but nothing that looks quite as effective as the one shown below by The Modern […]Read More

Video: Vermiculture Made Easy

Vermicomposting, or vermiculture, is the art of using earthworms to turn your waste into earthworm castings. It contains more than 100 times as many beneficial bacteria and fungi as your usual soil. Along with this bacteria and fungi, it also contains plant growth factors and B vitamins, as well as high levels of soluble calcium, […]Read More

Video of the Black Snow in Russia

When it snows outside you expect to be able to look outside to blankets of the white stuff. Not so much for residents in Siberia who werecliving through a dark, industrial nightmare in Russia’s coal basin. Three separate cities within the coal-mining region of Kemerovo in southwest Siberia have been blanketed in a thick, black […]Read More

How to Open a Padlock With a Coke Can

Most padlocks are actually pretty easy to open but with many methods they just create too much noise or can not be done so easily. Today we want to share a video by It’s Tactical in which you will be shown how to open a padlock with a coke can. As these shims are only […]Read More