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6 Ways to Purify Water in a Survival Situation

Having water is a top priority in survival situations but it is also one of the things that can make you very sick if you don’t purify it first. For this reason we think it is very important that you fully understand how you can do this in the wilderness and we are going to […]Read More

3 Ways to Tell the Time Without a Watch

Being able to tell the time without a watch is a valuable skill to have in our opinion. When we head out on an extended trip it is easy to pull our phone out when we need to know the time but what if we lose or break our phone? Luckily for us, there are […]Read More

Dakota Fire Pit – For Better Concealment

The Dakota Fire Pit is a great alternative to the usual campfire and is a great choice for when you need to remain undetected. It produces little to no smoke when built correctly which makes it essential learning for use after a SHTF situation in which you didn’t want to give your location away. This […]Read More

5 Wilderness Survival Tips to Stay Safe

If you are in a wilderness situation in which you need to dig deep and survive, you need a certain set of skills to make sure that you can get back home safely. Here are 5 wilderness survival tips every outdoors person should know to stay safe: 1. Master Your Attitude It is never a […]Read More

10 Wilderness Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life

Taking the time to learn such things as self defense and first aid is important when it comes to being better prepared. The same goes for if you spend any time in the outdoors, being prepared for any emergency with wilderness survival tips is just as important. There are literally thousands of people every year […]Read More