Teaching Your Children About Emergencies

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Planning for emergencies is an important task. It can be especially difficult on children which is why it is especially important that you include them throughout the entire planning process.

You need to make sure that they understand the potential hazards of various emergencies. Assign roles to each family member and discuss what their job is during an emergency.

By teaching your kids about emergencies and what to do can help them stay calm in a scary situation.

Explain Different Types of Emergencies

When you are planning you need to first look at the kinds of emergencies that are most likely to happen in the area where you live.

Make sure that you explain to them what they are to do in each circumstance and take the time to ensure that they fully understand their role and where the family meeting points are should they get separated.

You should also explain what they are to do during different scenarios such as if they are at school when a disaster strikes or away from the home for any reason.

Put Your Plan in to Place

Your children need to be involved during every step of plan development. This will ensure that they fully understand the procedures.

Create an emergency contact list and try to help your children memorize the phone numbers and addresses. Write them down into a small notebook and place copies in each childs bag.

It is important that every family member knows who they are to call during an emergency.

Also include each family members contact information in case you all get separated.

Create an Emergency Kit

Just like you need an emergency kit, each child in the family needs their own. Make it a game by having your children hunt the house for certain supplies and explain what each item is used for and why it is being included.

Let them pick their favorite toy to include or add a couple of games in the bag too to combat boredom during an emergency.

Put it in to Practice

Not just children, every family member should routinely practice the emergency procedures on a regular basis. It is up to you how often but once a month is a good starting point.

Let your children know that it is perfectly fine to ask questions, express their concerns, and share their opinions. This will help to build their confidence in being able to handle a situation.

What you teach them today, they can teach others tomorrow.


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