The Doomsday Plane Taken Down by a Bird

 The Doomsday Plane Taken Down by a Bird

The hi-tech E-6B Mercury aircraft was designed to serve as an airborne command and communications platform for the U.S. Navy in the event of a nuclear war. Its systems are crafted to survive electromagnetic pulses from nuclear bombs detonating below it.

The bad news? It may be able to survive a nuclear attack but it has been taken down by nothing other than a bird.

The bird took out one of the four engines after being struck during a touch-and-go maneuver in which the plane is landed but does not fully stop before taking off again. The accident happened at the Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland.

The plane was able to be brought down safely without injuries and the engine has been replaced and is back in action.

Let’s just hope that those that want nuclear war don’t change their mind and release a load of pigeons. Looks likes that may be the winning move.

This incident is the second this year involving the E-6B Mercury doomsday aircraft. The first happened in February when the plane snagged a hangar when being moved.

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