What is The Number One Priority for Survival?

 What is The Number One Priority for Survival?

Do you know what the number one priority for survival actually is?

You may be thinking that it is one of your basic needs such as shelter, fire, food or water and these ARE of high importance but is it really the number one priority? Not at all.

You may only last a few days without water, several weeks without food but it could all be over in an instance if your head isn’t in the right place. A positive mental attitude (PMA) will allow you to think more clearly, making better decisions in stressful situations.

Here are just three tips amongst the many out there on keeping a PMA include:

  1. Not blaming yourself for the situation you are in.
  2. Keep your mind occupied by keeping busy.
  3. Address any negative emotions.

So just why do positive thoughts breed positive results? It opens up global thinking capacities in the brain, allowing for more innovation and creativity. In the wilderness, once your initial needs are met, you will require new ideas and prioritization of tasks to keep yourself alive for the longer term.

By loosening yourself up you will conserve precious energy rather than if you were stressed about the situation. Now, learning to master your emotions is no simple task, it can take a very long time which is why it is important that you start NOW.

Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t get upset when something bad happens, but you need to learn how to quickly regain emotional control and begin figuring out what the new reality looks like and what they can do about it.


The more prepared that you are beforehand, the less panicked you will be when things go wrong. Put in to practice different scenarios that you are planning for and be sure to practice drills regularly.

Remain Calm

You need to practice staying calm in situations that stress you out, this could be as simple as driving in rush-hour traffic but by putting yourself into stressful situations, you’ll be more likely to stay calm during a true emergency.

Help Others

By helping others you are giving yourself purpose. Something as simple as comforting an injured person is enough to make yourself feel useful and move your mind away from the stress. Even if the person that you focus on is not with you, focusing on getting to them gives you something to live for.

Remain Positive

People who become discouraged easily can fall apart in the face of a disaster. Learn to take challenges as they come, and think positively about the outcome of the situation. You will be able to overcome obstacles more easily with a more positive attitude.

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