The Patio Door Security Bar for Home Security

 The Patio Door Security Bar for Home Security

Here at UK Survival Guides we take your safety and security very seriously and so any time we find something that we know can protect you, we share it with you.

We like effective products that don’t cost a fortune and today is no different as we bring to you the Ideal Security Inc Patio Door Security Bar with Anti-Lift Lock.

The great thing about this is that because it has been designed to be mounted in the middle of the patio door, you won’t need to keep crouching down every time that you want to open the door.

This is an adjustable security bar that can fit a span as narrow as 26 inches or as wide as 47 inches. It is easy to set up and doesn’t take up much room when not in use. It actually uses a swinging action which pivots the bar back up on the back hinge. This way, you won’t need to completely remove the bar when not using it.

Business Insider recently named this as “The best sliding door security bar” and it is easy to see why.

This updated version of the Ideal Security Inc Patio Door Security Bar with Anti-Lift Lock also has an optional clip added that sits behind the saddle. This prevents your children from raising the bar and getting outside, and protets against potential intrusion when the door is locked in an open position.

The bars are made of extruded aluminum (the same material used in cars and airplanes) to be both lightweight and strong.

Features and details:

  • Includes the new childproof Anti-Lift Lock
  • Adjustable from 26″ to 47″ for easy installation without cutting
  • Mounts in the middle of the door, not on the bottom. Open your door without bending down to reach the bar
  • Acts as visual deterrent against burglars who can see it clearly through the door
  • Swings up and stays out of the way when not in use
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Made of advanced lightweight and strong extruded aluminum (the same stuff used to build airplanes!)
  • Easy adjustment lets you leave the door partially open while still being secured

Here is just a taste of the reviews that this product is receiving:

Thick and solid aluminum construction with strong locking mechanism. Was easy to cut down and modify to work with my smaller size sliding door with a removable dog door insert. All I needed was about 15″ to firmly lock the door in place and bar need to be modified to fit. DIY: Remove the bolt from the hinge and cut both inner/outer rods at the same time to 12″ from the hinge end. (Cutting both bars to 12″ gives you about 22″ in total usable adjustable length) Drill a new hole at the end of the bar and reconnect hinge with a new bolt to the bar. Mount on door and you’re done. Use the install directions that it comes with to measure your sliding door for the needed length to firmly lock the door in place with a dog door insert and cut the bare about 2 to 3″ shorter than the needed length for the bar to be adjustable.Paul
Arrived fast and was easy to install with just a drill and a screwdriver (careful not to drill or screw into the glass – stay shallow). Works great as described. After installation, I still wondered if that little button pinch system could really stand up to any real force if someone took a crowbar to my sliding door. I’m not willing to test it out to that extent, but I can say it holds up under my putting my 200 lb.+ weight against it with a good yank or two – didn’t budge. I guess anyone who really wanted in would at least have to make enough noise to upset the dog, and they’d probably just move to another entry and pop that open anyway. So I’d say this serves its purpose quite well. I considered butchering it with the drill to put a hole clear through the shaft and inserting a screw or pin to really hold it, but that would probably weaken it to the point it would just fold with any force. So I’m happily using it as designed, knowing it has a very strong hold. Great product.Amazon Customer
Works great! Installation was easy and since it’s adjustable there’s nothing to trim or cut. We use this on the patio door at our lake house, and couldn’t be happier with the quality and ease of installation. Took me about five minutes, ten if you count putting the tools away. I used a drill with a Phillips bit and was installing into vinyl. No pilot hole were needed. Wood would probably be just as easy, but aluminum might take a few minutes longer since pilot holes would likely be required. It is extremely simple to engage and disengage the lock. I would definitely recommend and would not hesitate to buy this product again.Grandpa45

You can check it out here.


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