The SABRE Personal Alarm with Motion Detector Review

 The SABRE Personal Alarm with Motion Detector Review

We love checking out new safety equipment here at UK Survival Guides and we also love our personal protection devices such as the personal alarm.

I was introduced to this particular personal alarm back towards the end of last year but was unable to locate one…until now!

I don’t think I’ve ever come across something ‘bad’ by SABRE, they are a very well respected security company that only deals with quality.

If you haven’t heard of SABRE before then I guess you haven’t looked into your own safety before. They have been the leaders of the security and safety markets for over 40 years. Only the best can make it that far and in my personal opinion, they are one of, if not THE best when it comes to products that will keep you safe.

The SABRE Personal Alarm with Motion Detector

This SABRE alarm that I’m showing you today is an absolutely awesome multi-functional personal alarm. Now we’ve seen them with lights before (which sadly this doesn’t have) but we’ve never seen them with motion detection.

Now, this might not sound like a big deal to some of our readers but to me that is huge. With a little bit of thinking this will not only keep you safe while you’re on the move but also when you’re stationary too such as in the home or office. You could even use it to alert you of your baby crawling too near to certain areas.

When I buy something I try to think of multiple ways that it can be used and for such a small device, this has so much that it can do to protect you and keep you safe.

As you can see from the image above, this particular alarm holds a 120dB alarm siren which may not be the loudest but is more than enough to send any wannabe attacker running and attract attention. It is a keychain style alarm which is nice and small meaning it can comfortably be concealed in the hand while you’re out walking. The alarm can be triggered by a pin which you pull when needed. (Don’t worry if you want to test it out, it can be reused)

When the alarm sounds, there is also a bright, flashing LED light, which will help to attract attention.

To look at, there is nothing that really separates this from many other personal alarms on the market but I don’t actually consider that to be a bad thing. When people get used to the sight of something either physically or through magazines or online, they stop taking so much attention to it. When they see something that their mind doesn’t realise, all focus is on it. You don’t want the focus of a criminal on you at all if you can help it.

Like I originally said, before I got sidetracked, I really like the idea that this personal alarm has a motion detector built-in, too. You will be alerted any time that somebody comes within range of the alarm.

The area of the motion sensor is a 120-degree arc of about 15ft. If you look at the image above you will see the alarm attached to the metal railing next to the safety gate. The device actually has a magnet built in to it so that it can be easily attached to anything metal without the need for awkward screws.

As expected from a company like SABRE, this is a well designed, top quality piece of personal safety and security equipment. I think the last time we did a top 5 list for personal alarms SABRE hit either two or three of those spots. This one has just become a real contender.

Features & Details from their Listings

  • Protection Indoors and Out – great for use while sleeping, traveling, and can even alert you if someone approaches a valuable or potentially dangerous item
  • Protection on the Go – simply pull the pin and a 120-dB alarm with keychain attachment offers attention grabbing sound when you feel threatened – alert anyone up to 600 feet away
  • Easy to Mount – powerful built-in magnet can attach to metal door or furniture providing an extra level of security from intrusion or theft. Parents can use to alert you if children approach a dangerous area like a stairwell or stove
  • Like Eyes in the Back of Your Head – with an up to 120° motion sensor arc, the alarm can be activated to detect movement and alert you if someone ‘sneaks up’ on you while sleeping, studying, etc.
  • Versatility and Effectiveness – a useful alarm for multiple situations, the SABRE Personal Alarm with Motion Detector provide powerful protection and deterrence in a compact, versatile package. Great for travel!

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