The Tokyo Disaster Guide

 The Tokyo Disaster Guide

This massive, informative guide (340 pages) on survival basics from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will teach you so much when it comes to surviving an earthquake and other disasters.

Although this guide was designed for Japanese residents to prep for potential disasters hitting Tokyo, it offers universal things that you can do to stay safe in an emergency, wherever you are. The well-illustrated survival tips also cover basic first aid, emergency supplies, and clever uses.

Unlike most survival manuals, this guide provides realistic advice for real people in plausible situations. It will show you how to use newspapers for warmth, make a stove out of soda cans, or splint a broken limb with plastic wrap. And it covers situations faced across the world—stuff like torrential rain, mud slides, terrorist attacks, and even the outbreak of infectious disease.

This guide was being distributed free to citizens, has been made available online, as well as in the app store. You can download your copy here. Bonus: it includes a manga-style comic.

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