The Types of People Your Survival Group Needs

 The Types of People Your Survival Group Needs

You need to put careful planning into your survival group, after all, they are part of the group that will help you to survive.

The first step in creating your survival group is to actually find like-minded individuals. Then you will need to fill several roles within the group so that all areas are covered. You could obviously choose to go it alone but there is no denying that there is strength in numbers so the time to start the search is now.

As I mentioned at the start, you must plan your survival group carefully. Why? You can’t just accept everyone that wants to be a part of the group. You can only accept those that can actually be of value. There are also security concerns that you have to take into consideration.

OK, so we know that a survival group can give us a greater chance of surviving a disaster but how do we find these like-minded individuals and what roles should they fill?

The first thing that may spring to mind would be social media but I would suggest steering clear of this due to the fact that many are monitored and you would be putting yourself and your preps at risk.

Meetup is the place I would recommend for meeting like-minded people in your area. You can either join an already existing group or create your own. To protect yourself, I would suggest using a location that is not actually near to your actual location until you can fully trust others.

The Types of People Your Survival Group Needs


The commander is the one in charge and as such, is responsible for the entire survival group. They need to be willing to listen to all others in the group, make decisions and be an all round natural leader.


The defense chair needs to be able to establish perimeter and guard posts and create layers of defense with interlocking fields of fire. They need to know the location well and know how to assign people who will be responsible for different portions of the day and night. The defense chair will also train soldiers and negotiate with outsiders. They need to fully understand how to aquire and use a range of weapons


A team of licensed professionals would be ideal but start with just one or two and expand as the group grows. These need to have all the needed supplies and equipment to provide emergency surgery as well as train others.


Every survival group needs one or more individuals that are responsible for maintaining radio communications within the group, and any neighboring survival groups. They should be able to maintain the communication gear and repeater station(s).


As you would expect, this role means being responsible for building/maintaining all physical structures. They will work closely with the defense chair for building/maintaining fortifications and clearing fields of fire. Responsible for establishing and maintaining sustainable power systems, if such systems exist. No machine was made to last forever!


Maintains vehicles. Provisions fuel sources. Fortifies vehicles as much as possible. Organizes convoys. Creates transportation plans and organizes the group in case a retreat is necessary.


Your soldiers will be trained by the defense chair and will be responsible for group security. This position is actually usually pretty easy to fill considering that many preppers and survivalists have military or law enforcement backgrounds. The more soldiers you can have the better.

The Farmer

The farmer is the one that will be responsible for growing the food consumed by the group. They will have thorough knowledge of what grows best in your area. As well as growing fruit and vegetables, the farmer will need to understand how to raise and breed both small and significant livestock.

Although finding like-minded individuals may be tough, luckily, many of the skills needed within a survival group can be learned. No farmer was born with the skills, they took the time to learn them.

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