The Zipstitch for Your Medical Kit

 The Zipstitch for Your Medical Kit

Today, while scouring the internet I came across what they call the Zipstitch, the only surgical-quality wound closure device available without a prescription, and I must say, I like the look of this one!

We know how important it is to keep a well-stocked first aid kit and we also know the importance of trying to cut the extra weight and the Zipstitch could just be a game changer.

What is the Zipstitch?

The Zipstitch is a simple, secure way for anybody to close minor cuts and lacerations without heading to the ER for stitches. It is based on the same technology proven in over 500,000 surgical cases.

I would say that overall, the number one thing patients notice is the aesthetic quality of how the wound heals. I think that’s what the patients notice first, and that’s number one in their mind – Terry Arrington, M.D., orthopedic surgeon, Augusta, GA

How to Apply Zipstitches

Applying the Zipstitch is easy enough that any member of the family can be taught to use it with ease. Properly clean the wound and control bleeding prior to applying!

  • As with any adhesive bandage, area must be dry for adhesive to stick properly.
  • Remove clear liner.
  • Center device on wound and press firmly on skin.
  • Remove paper frame.
  • Hold lock in place and pull strap to tension. Repeat for each strap. Do not over-tighten. If device is overtightened, remove and replace with another device.
  • Cut each strap as short as possible by lifting loop and cutting close to lock housing.


  • Faster than sutures
  • 8 times stronger than sutures in protecting incision from distraction forces
  • Less scarring – no staple track marks
  • No staple or suture tissue punctures that may allow bacteria into wound site
  • Fewer wound complications
  • Eliminates patient home care or clinic visit (for staple or suture removal)
  • High tissue perfusion at incision after closure
  • High patient satisfaction, 95% would prefer Zip on their next procedure

A single ZipStitch is designed to close wounds up to 1.5 inches long and an eighth of an inch wide, which definitely won’t cover all the kinds of cuts you can get when engaging in rough activities. For wounds larger than that, you’re definitely going to have to go to the ER for sutures, although you can always use multiple units as a first-aid remedy before making your way out to find a proper hospital. Definitely beats letting the wound bleed out profusely while you’re on the road.

Ready to add the Zipstitch to your medical kit? At the time of writing this, I couldn’t find this available in the UK but for our overseas friends, they can pick it up for the sale price of $24.99 (usual price $29.99) at Zipstitch

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  • How much are the zipstich and do you supply them

  • I am interested in marketing zipstich in my country nigeria. I would love to know how I can get orders, prices and how I can go about it.

  • Dear Sir,
    I am Moorthy from Malaysia. I am a medical consultant and I am interested to market this device in Malaysia. Kindly let me know the terms and conditions to be distributer for this device.
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  • Estimado, estoy interesada en la comercialización de este producto, necesito mas información de ventas al por mayo y menor. Gracias

  • Dear Sir/Madam

    I am from South Africa, just need some info. Would like to know would you in port to South Africa. I am a ALS Paramedic and I think Zip Stitch is one of the most innovated pieces of equipment in the industry!

    Morne Rossouw

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