31 Homesteading Skills for Preppers

 31 Homesteading Skills for Preppers

In order to be a homesteader you need to learn a set of skills in order for it to be a success.

It is not an easy task but getting to know these practical homesteading skills will save you from half the trouble of this amazing journey.

Below you will find what we believe to be the essential homesteading skills that every prepper should learn. These are not in any particular order.

  • First Aid – If there is an accident on the homestead, you need to know at least basic first aid and CPR.
  • Gardening – Successfully growing your own source of food is not as easy as you may imagine. There are many different things that need to be taken into consideration.
  • Raising Livestock – Chickens can provide eggs regularly and are relatively easy to raise, cows can provide milk and can be butchered eventually, goats can also provide milk but also double as an effective lawnmower.
  • Preserving Food – When winter is on the way it is time to stock up. Learn how to properly can and jar foods, as well as utilize salts and acids for preservation purposes.
  • Basic Carpentry – You will also need the skills to make any repairs to current structures if they undergo detrimental damages from storms, bad weather conditions or accidents.
  • Sewing – Clothing is valuable to a homesteader. In today’s world where new items are available at the click of a button, things tear and get thrown out all too often. Simple sewing skills can save years of use from many articles of clothing.
  • Knife and Tool Sharpening – A knife is one of the most important survival tools, but they don’t last forever. When your knife dulls it obviously becomes useless. Get that old whet stone out and start practicing.
  • Fire Building – Sure, anyone can start a fire using some gasoline and a lighter (not recommended) but what about when all you have is some tinder and an old fashioned flint and steel? Get that little fire starter out and start making sparks!
  • Water Filtration – There are lots of ways to filter and disinfect water, but you’ll want to be able to filter large amounts at the same time. A big barrel filled with sand and other filter-like substances is a start. And it doesn’t hurt to keep a portable water filter available, although they are not a long term solution.
  • Candle Making – An important skill is to provide light in times of dark. You may not have electricity so get ready to seek alternative sources of luminosity.
  • Bartering – People skills and the ability to effectively trade may make the difference between surviving and dying. Get practicing your negotiation and bartering skills.
  • Baking Bread – Never rely again on grocery store bread with bleached flours or expensive organic loaves. Bake your own at home because, we all know, no bread tastes better than home-baked.
  • Make Your Own Smokehouse – Whether you butcher your own livestock or hunt wild game you will need a way to preserve the meat properly. In that case, a homemade smokehouse should be in order.
  • Hand-Washing Laundry – Hand-washing laundry is one of the skills that have been lost to time. It is a lost art with many benefits. Don’t let it die down, but experience softer hands, better fabric care, and lesser utility cost with hand washing.
  • Make Your Own Greenhouse – A homestead should never be without a greenhouse or at least a high tunnel. You can grow fruits and vegetables all year long in a homemade greenhouse.
  • Aquaponics – Incorporating gardening with a natural ecosystem is also a homesteading must-know. Understanding aquaponics gives you a fine gardening alternative.
  • Propagating Plant Cuttings – Besides using seeds or bulbs, growing more plants from cuttings is a tricky gardening trick. If you get the hang of it, then you’re a certified homesteading green thumb.
  • Seed Saving – Create a never-ending supply of seeds not just for gardening. Seeds are a good food source too! Saving seeds is also one of the survival skills to learn.
  • Make a Compost Bin – Correctly storing your compost will save your backyard from smelling like a dumpster. You can make DIY compost bins from practically free supplies like pallets and salvaged wood.
  • Fence Building – Keep your livestock in and predators out by learning to build and repair a fence. You’ll also need a fence around your garden so equip yourself with this homesteading skill.
  • Keeping Bees – Homesteading isn’t complete when you’re not keeping bees. You learn to value bees not just for honey but for their valuable role in nature.
  • Animal Breeding – This will save you lots of money and could even earn you some money if you decide to sell some of the animals you breed. It’s one of the cash-generating homesteading skills to learn.
  • Build Your Own Chicken Coop – Your egg-layers will need a home. Make sure to keep your chicken coop comfy as can be by using herbs–a trick valued by homesteaders.
  • Incubating/Hatching Eggs – Hatching eggs is another of those skills that is not as easy as it may seem. Adding this know-how to your homesteading skills will give you more than just a steady supply of eggs.
  • Tanning – If you’re hunting game or consume livestock, the skin is an important product around the homestead. Tanning hide is one of the productive homesteading skills to learn.
  • Foraging – Foraging for wild edibles is both challenging and exciting, but productive. Add it to your list of homesteading and survival skills!
  • Tying Knots – You’ll soon find out tying knots isn’t only useful for camping and sailing. Everyday chores around the homestead may require skills in tying knots.
  • Repurpose and Recycle – Frugality and ingenuity go hand in hand in every homestead. There are ways to find different uses for every little thing around the homestead.
  • Basic Mechanics – Life on the homestead means no guarantee someone is nearby at any given time. Learn this self-reliant skill so you don’t lose a whole day of work due to a busted tire.
  • Winter Plumbing – Learn how to prevent freezing pipes and how to thaw them in case they freeze up.
  • Build a Wind Turbine – Avoid hefty expense on trivial homesteading projects like emptying a pond with a wind-powered water pump. But, you can use a windmill for more than just this kind of project.

There you have our list of smart and practical homesteading skills invaluable as you progress in homesteading. With these sets of homesteading skills, you’ll survive with your own efforts!

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