Two Books to See You Through Any Disaster

 Two Books to See You Through Any Disaster

Each year we are witnessing natural disasters rip thousands of people from their homes around the world. It’s not nice, it’s not pretty, but it’s reality!

We obviously cover a lot of content about natural disasters and emergency preparedness but what would you really do if you were faced with a major disaster? Would you have the knowledge to help see you through?

We are all prone to some extreme weather at times. Where I live it is usually heavy rain and flooding. It is the side effects of the disasters that are most deadly.

We wanted to share two books with you all today that will help to teach you everything you need to know to get through a range of disasters.

We can’t guarantee that help will be immediate following a disaster and you should be ready and willing to put the work in for your own survival. The government say that you should be prepared for about 72 hours but we believe it could be longer.

The Disaster Preparedness Handbook

The Disaster Preparedness Handbook is the first book I want to look at today and for good reason. You’re in good hands with this one written by army veteran Dr. Arthur T. Bradley.

There are a lot of good survival books out there and to be honest, a lot of bad ones too. This is not one of those books as you are taught how to prepare for a range of disasters such as flooding, fires, war, and earthquakes. It is impossible for any of us to ever be completely safe from the world.

You will learn how to put a practical plan in place for your family that covers everything you need. There is also information that is specifically targeted towards those with any special needs, pregnant, or with pets.

This has got to be one of the best books in my survival library at the minute and has been for a few years.

Shoestring Survivalism

The next book I wanted to mention was Shoestring Survivalism by army veteran Andy James.

This is a great little book, especially for those that are new to the prepping lifestyle. Prepping can get expensive so it is always a good idea to be looking for ways to save money where possible. This is the complete blueprint for the budget-minded preppers out there for surviving difficult times.

The techniques and methods that you learn throughout this book will either be free or cheap to complete yet will give you a huge step forward. You will learn to take 21 simple, low-cost steps right now that will drastically improve your chances of surviving any disaster.

You will learn how to acquire free stuff that lots of survivalists never think of and find the best sources for inexpensive, essential supplies – extra clothing, necessary tools, reliable guns and more.

These two manuals on survival techniques are two of the best for basic survival skills in my opinion.

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