Using Wasp Spray for Self-Defense

 Using Wasp Spray for Self-Defense

I was on Facebook earlier today when a friend of mine shared a post about using wasp spray for self-defense.

The post itself is nothing new and has been doing the rounds via email and on social media since 2009 but what shocked me was that people are still falling for this myth even now.

The whole idea of the viral Post is to try to explain how wasp spray is more effective against an attacker and works at a greater distance than pepper spray. Now I’m not completely sure but I can’t ever see a police department recommending something for self-defense that has been created to penetrate the nervous system of an insect and kill it.

Also, considering that wasp spray is meant for just that…wasps, there has been no clear studies performed to show that it would be effective against an attacker. Pepper spray however, has been tested for this very purpose.

In the U.S. federal law prohibits the use of any pesticide “in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.” Likewise, some states forbid carrying substances for self-protection that aren’t specifically authorized for that purpose.

Pepper spray was designed for use on humans and target the exact areas of an attacker to stop them. In my opinion, stay away from anything that’s only going to get you in trouble. There are many completely legal self-defense products on the market.

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