Using Wood Ash for Survival

 Using Wood Ash for Survival

During a disaster it is a very real possibility that we are going to have to go back to our old way of doing things. We aren’t going to have gas or electricity so we need to know how to cook using other methods. YouTube won’t be working either!

Everything that we take for granted now can all be of no use to us tomorrow and without certain skills, we just won’t survive.

One of those often forgotten about little tips is how we can put our wood ash to better use. Sure, we could just throw it all away but what is the point in that when we can just use it for something else.

One thing I like to do every time I learn something new is to make it and then just store a little of the ingredients to make more along with written instructions on a small piece of paper. If anything happens to me I would want my family to know how to use everything properly.

Brush Your Teeth

I know we are supposed to be cleaning our teeth not making them all black right, but this really does work. We don’t know how long a survival situation is going to last but if we need to brush our teeth without toothpaste, we can always turn to wood ash. This is because wood ash contains several chemical compounds capable of removing plaque, one of the most important is lye.

You do not want to use wood ash too often as it can wear away the enamel on your teeth due to its powerful chemicals. Ash from conifer trees is one of the best kinds of ash to use as it’s the easiest on the teeth.

Use It as a Fertilizer

Wood ash is also very good when it comes to growing plants and getting our survival garden started. Apparently if you mix wood ash into your soil, you can help to grow healthy plants. This doesn’t surprise me at all to be honest. Keep in mind though:

  • Don’t use on alkaline soils
  • Don’t use it on newly planted or newly germinated seeds
  • Don’t mix it with nitrogen-based fertilizers as this can create ammonia gas.

Food Preservation

Did you know that the Ash that you were about to throw out could actually be used to help make your food last longer? Although this is a very old technique, there are still a lot of people that swear by this method.

To use wood ash to preserve your food you would need to first dig a hole where your food will be placed and then put a thick layer of ash down in the bottom of the hole. Place your fruit and vegetables inside covered by a piece of wood to create a seal.

Keep Pests Away

I don’t personally know if this one works so I am relying on our readers to provide feedback but I found that wood ash could actually be used to help keep pests out of the home. You can get rid of mites and ticks by mixing a little bit of wood ash to some vinegar until you have a paste. Put this over your animals fur and never have to worry about mites or ticks again.

Wood ash has been used successfully to keep all kinds of pests away such as rats and mice, and roaches. All it takes is a little bit of time to sprinkle wood Ash at the backs of all your cupboards and corners of the home.

Melt Ice

You don’t need to be in a survival situation to have to deal with ice but this is a tip that could come in useful one day.

Wood ash can actually be used exactly the same way as you would use ice melt that you buy from the store. It contains natural salt compounds so you can just throw it onto the ice.

Keep Standing Water Algae Free

A few years back when me and my partner first started out with our aquaponics system, our biggest problem was how to keep the standing water free from algae. This tip isn’t just for those interested in aquaponics but anyone that has a standing body of water.

1 Tbs of wood ash could treat 1,000 gallons of water so you can see that a little goes a long way so it’s worth saving with your prepping supplies. Always take a little with you when you go out into the wilderness and are planning to drink ‘wild‘ water and sprinkle a little bit into your water before drinking to balance the pH.

Filter Your Water

You can’t actually use the ash to filter the water, but you can use the charcoal. Many of the water filters you see being sold in the stores actually have an activated charcoal filter. The point of the filter is it’ll make water taste better, it’ll help eliminate the presence of certain microbial threats.

Now you probably don’t have the materials to be making anything fancy but you do have a brain to hold this information in case it’s ever needed.

You can use the charcoal to filter your water by packing it as tight as you possibly can into some container and then pour your water through it.

Just carrying the Sawyer Mini is a much easier option in my opinion.

Protect Your Plants From the Frost

If you like to keep a healthy garden then you  probably keep an eye on the changes in the weather and know when there is a frost on the way. Just scatter the ashes around the plants and keep them protected.

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