Ways to Get Your Car Out of the Mud

 Ways to Get Your Car Out of the Mud

I just can’t lie, driving through the mud is fun!

Whether intentional or not, at some point your vehicle is going to hit the mud. Sadly, sometimes it’s not as easy as driving in one side and out the other in the same movement. Sometimes, we just can’t help getting stuck!

What do you do when the wheels are spinning and the mud is flying all over the place? Remember these little methods below and you’ll never get stuck in the mud again.

Add Some Traction

The mud can make it very difficult for the vehicle to gain traction. When this happens you are just going to end up sitting there spinning your wheels which won’t help you at all.

The cheapest option of all would be to use materials around you such as branches or even the cars’ floor mats to help increase the traction. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Put your vehicle into park
  2. Grab your materials and place the tip under the tire from the front
  3. Get in your vehicle and very slowly move forward until you are out of the mud

Avoiding Wheel Spin

When we get stuck in the mud that mud then pushes up the side of the tire until we just can’t move. We can try and deal with this by moving the steering wheel back and forth to create some extra room. Once done, move forward as slowly as possible until you are out of the mud. Automatic vehicles should be put into the lowest gear while a manual vehicle needs to use the highest gear.


If the above hasn’t worked but you now have at least a little movement then you could try rocking the vehicle out of the mud. What you are going to do is slowly move just a little forward, put your car in reverse and roll back, accelerate forwards again, etc. Automatic vehicles should be put into the lowest gear while a manual vehicle needs to use the highest gear.

Get Digging

I’m sure you knew this was going to have to come up at some point, right? Well if you’ve got a shovel or anything that can be used to clear mud, now is the time to start digging. You want to try and clear as much of the excess mud away from around the tires.

Weight Redistribution

Another method that is worth a try is to redistribute the weight inside the vehicle by putting any extra weight over the drive wheels. If you are able to push this weight past the wheels (particularly effective for rear-wheel drive vehicles) you may be able to cantilever the weight by increasing downward force.

If your car is rear-wheel drive then you should place any heavy objects you can find in the back seat or boot. For front-wheel drive cars, place any heavy objects in the passenger side footwell.

Pull It Out

If you have a friend in another vehicle you could ask them to try and pull you out of the mud. Only attempt to do this if you have the proper equipment as it can be very dangerous. Both vehicles must be tied in secure spots with a recovery strap or strong rope. Never attempt to secure the vehicles using any parts that may come off.

Winch It Out

I’m not too sure that you’d be reading this if you had a winch but if you’ve got one, now is the time to use it. Only ever attach the winch to strong and solid trees and objects. You could also use a heavy-duty jack if there are trees close enough for the recovery strap. Simply loop the winch cable or recovery strap around the tree and use the power winch, come-along or jack to slowly pull it out of the rut.

If you have tried all of these and the vehicle is still not budging then it’s time to call in the professionals who have the tools for the job.

Do you have any more methods that you’d like to share, let us hear them in the comments below.

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