We Reached Our 250,000th Visitor

Welcome to UK Survival Guides

Lately I have been checking numbers as today we officially hit 250,000 visitors since the start of UK Survival Guides.

I started this blog in October 2018 and it has taken only a matter of months to reach our first goal and I wanted to take the time to thank all of our readers.

I never expected to reach our first goal so quick. I wasn’t even sure the blog would go anywhere but thanks to all of you, our readers, it has exceeded expectations.

I originally started the blog with a plan of writing one new post a day but have been hooked from day one and have published over 400 posts in the 4 months since we started.

As I work this blog full time, I am sure this will keep going and as long as the visitors are enjoying the content, I have no reason or intention to slow down anytime soon.

We thank you for visiting UK Survival Guides and for helping us reach our first goal. Be sure to return often for the latest posts and check us out on Twitter too.

On to the next goal…


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