Weekly Roundup: Survival Posts From Around the Web

 Weekly Roundup: Survival Posts From Around the Web

I wanted to try something different here on UK Survival Guides and start a weekly post that will showcase some great posts that have inspired me in some way or got me thinking. Like any other blogger, I have certain blogs that I follow and while some posts may not interest me, others do.

So each week I will be writing a post with my favorite survival posts from around the web. Let’s get started…

1. What Happens to Prison Inmates When The SHTF – PrepForSHTF

This is one post that got me thinking which I always like but really have been unable to come to a solution, certainly for those inmates here in the UK. Now, bearing in mind that you have a real mix of inmates from those that have been sentenced for non-violent crimes like growing cannabis, to those that have murdered people, how will they decide what to do with each of them?

There must be plans in place but what they are, is anyones guess. You can check out the post on PrepForShtf here.

2. Small Business Disaster Planning & Defense During Natural and Man Made Disasters – BackddorSurvival

Although we have a few posts here for businesses and how they can plan for disaster, it is a subject that I do not see enough on when it comes to other survival and prepping websites. It was great to see this article over on Backdoor Survival and more importantly, it is an in-depth article. Check it out here.

3. Run Your Generator Several Times a Year – Here’s Why You Should – ModernSurvivalBlog

As the title suggests the article will tell you exactly why you shouldn’t just put your generator away and forget about it until you need it again. To be honest, it is something that I have never really thought about. It is a quick read but will give you everything you need. Check out the post over on ModernSurvivalBlog here.

4. Here Are All the Foods You Can Dehydrate – ModernSurvivalOnline

If you are wanting to start dehydrating your own foods for your prepper pantry then you might want to check out this post by Modern Survival Online which will not only show you exactly what you can dehydrate but also the best way to do it.

5. 10 Emergency Uses for Lip Balm – ApartmentPrepper

As a prepper I believe it is important to store away items that can be used for multiple purposes. This post from ApartmentPrepper will teach you how to do that with this post showcasing 10 emergency uses for nothing more than a stick of lip balm.

Well, that rounds off the 5 posts for this week but check in next week for another 5 posts from around the web.

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