I’m Sorry: We’re Now Accepting Donations

 I’m Sorry: We’re Now Accepting Donations

Hello! My name is Craig Burr, the founder and chief editor of UKSurvivalGuides.com

I have been working hard here on the site since the end of 2018 and have written over 720 articles for no compensation at all while trying to make money elsewhere to keep it going and sustain my work. We’ve built a fantastic community of returning readers here for who we would love to keep this site growing for.

The time has come for us to finally reach out and ask for some help from our readers to raise funding to keep UK Survival Guides progressing and expanding.

I know that there are always plenty of questions when it comes to donations being asked for so wanted to create this post to try and explain these actions as best as I can.

Why is it Important?

Our goal here at UK Survival Guides is and always has been simple. We want to do everything in our power to reach as many people as possible that may be in need of help. We try to do this via various methods which we know needs improvement.

We understand that there are lots of survival and emergency preparedness websites and blogs that are all doing the same thing. Articles and maybe a couple of eBooks. We could do the same but we’re not them. We’re US!

What we wish we could do here:

  1. EBooks – all categories
  2. Private members area – members have free access to all EBooks, courses, premium content and downloads
  3. Competitions – I would love to be able to give our readers something back
  4. Removal of ads – less clutter, more love
  5. Videos for all articles – I would like to see a video version created for every written version of an article
  6. Slides for all articles – quick tip slides for those in a rush
  7. Audio for all articles – we understand that not everyone can read as well as the next person which is why I would also like to create audio versions of all our posts
  8. Debt advice – help and advice for getting your finances in order
  9. Onsite tools – storage calculators, checklists, inventories, phone apps, etc
  10. Forums – fast answers to your questions with multiple ways of looking at it
  11. Courses – advanced courses in all areas of prepping, survival, safety, and security
  12. Custom design – if we’re moving forward then it is time to stand out from the crowd
  13. Offline training – if possible, we would love to be able to host offline training and meetings to help out readers further
  14. Our own range of survival items – from clothing to survival gear
  15. More writers here to bring fresh content

We may also choose to donate some of the money to organizations whose work closely align with our mission, especially when the work is directly related to material on our site.

However, the above is only what we have thought of but you also get your say. This site is as much yours as it is ours.

  1. What should we write more about and research?
  2. What are the topics and issues that are holding you back from being where you want to be?

If you add a list of topics into the comment section then please list them in such a way as from most important to the least.

Thank you everybody for the support shown this far and if at all you could give anything, you can donate using the form below or by using the form at the bottom of the website.

If you are interested in donating money but this option doesn’t work for you, please get in touch and we can work something out. We do not currently use PayPal.

How Else Can I Support UK Survival Guides?

We understand that not everyone can help out financially but there are other ways that you can help us grow.

  1. Sharing posts with friends/family on social media
  2. Ask others to help as a gift from you
  3. Link to us whenever you can

How Can We Trust that You’ll Use the Money as Stated?

Our plan here is to make this as transparent as possible and that means that we will be sharing everything with you that the money has been spent on. Each time something new is in the works, it will be shared and updated.

We have been incredibly lucky that we have been able to achieve the amount that we have in such a short period of time and all without funding. You’ve seen that we’re committed and you will see that it will continue.

Final Words

Any money raised will ensure that we can continue to do what we already are, and then doing a lot more as well as continuing to improve on quality.

I have tried displaying Google ads like those towards the bottom of the site but they don’t make us anything and to be honest, I would rather just remove them completely. I have considered other methods of raising funds but would rather keep this website as focused as possible and as free from advertising as I can.

Without our readers generously giving us their donations we will eventually have to look at other means of raising money as the site grows.

Any More Questions?

Please feel free to comment below if you have any further questions and I will respond as soon as I can.

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