What the Great Depression Taught Us

 What the Great Depression Taught Us

The great depression may be spoken of like it would never happen it again but it was/is still a real threat. It may of happened many years ago but it was a time that our relatives suffered greatly and had to fight for their survival.

The thing is, as bad as it is to talk about, there is a lot that we can learn from such a devastating time.

What the Great Depression Taught Us?

1. Bartering/Reuse Skills

Money was very scarce in the Great Depression and because of this, the people started learning how to barter for what they needed. Along with this, they learned to reuse and repurpose what they had in exchange for what they needed.

We wrote an article here before on bartering which you can view here.

2. Stop Using So Much

One thing they will have learned was not to use so much of anything. Everything had to last as long as it possibly could. We live in an age where it is easy to use more than we need as it’s far too easy to replace. Take this opportunity away from us and we would suffer greatly.

3. Stop Complaining About Ingredients

If you had six ingredients you created a meal, if you had three ingredients you created a meal, you didn’t complain. You learned to work with what you had. Not all of the food may have looked pleasant, you got everything your body needed in a meal. You can start learning this by actually using up every ingredient you have in the house before buying more.

4. Learn to Sew

Many people during the Great Depression had to learn to fix their own clothes. This is actually a very simple skill to learn but helped to keep their families warm and save money. Very few people nowadays seem to know how to stitch a simple button but it’s something I believe we need to be teaching our children again.

5. How to Correctly Store Food

People in the Great Depression didn’t waste anything and what they had, lasted until they used it up. Food storage became a big thing for them. Canning is still a very common method of food preservation today.

6. It Brought People Together

It’s a sad truth that it usually takes something tragic to bring us closer together to those around us. Why do we have to wait for a disaster before we finally start spending more time with the family? Tell them you love them today because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

7. DIY

If something needs fixing we often just call someone in to repair the item or we just buy new altogether. During the Great Depression, people couldn’t just be paying out for these repairs and so would fix what they could. You can find repair guides online for just about anything.

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