What to do if you are Stuck in an Elevator

 What to do if you are Stuck in an Elevator

You don’t have to suffer with claustrophobia to panic about ever becoming stuck in an elevator. After all, they are not exactly very big spaces and can leave you hanging stories above the ground floor.

The problem is that there is actually quite a lot of bad and downright dangerous information out there when it comes to the best course of action to take.

During this post we want to share only those tips that won’t put you in more danger should you ever find yourself trapped.

Now while becoming trapped in an elevator may actually be more common than you think, you are still probably more likely to get struck by lightning than becoming trapped yourself.

Remain Calm

Not only will keeping calm help you, it will also help to keep others calm that may also be trapped in the elevator with you. Believe it or not, if an elevator suddenly comes to a halt, you are most probably in the safest place that you can be at that time. This is because they are designed to stop if the systems detect an anomaly which stops the elevator from functioning as it has been designed to do. It would put you at a much greater risk if the elevator tried taking you down to the ground before stopping upon detecting an anomaly.

Use the Emergency Phone

Almost all elevators nowadays are fitted with an emergency phone which can be used with the push of a button on the button panel. It will usually be a button with an image of a bell on it.

Once you push this button, you will usually be asked a few questions such as your name, address where you’re located and the number of the lift. Both the address and lift number should be clearly displayed near the button panel although some modern systems will automatically share this information with the call centre. Once they have been made aware of the situation, sit tight as they will send out a trained technician.

Don’t Try to Escape on Your Own

Doing so will put you and anybody else that may be trapped at a much greater risk. It can be tempting to try and force the doors open and escape but many times an elevator will suddenly start operating again which is incredibly dangerous if you are already alighting when it does so.

I am sure you have seen the movies where elevators are only held up by a single rope but in reality this isn’t the case at all so there is no risk of the elevator falling. In fact, they are held up by several steel cables, each of which are more than up to the task of supporting a full elevator car.

So stay calm, stay put and await help. The hardest part may be trying to come up with ways of passing the time until help arrives.

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