What to do if Your Car Gets Stuck on Train Tracks

 What to do if Your Car Gets Stuck on Train Tracks

So, your car has become stuck on the train tracks and a train is rushing towards you, what do you do?

That is not a question that anybody ever wishes that they would have to deal with but cars do get stuck and sadly lives are lost because the occupants of the vehicle failed to do the right thing.

Well, what do you do if your car gets stuck on train tracks?

You should always approach a train crossing as if a train is present even in the apparent absence of a train. And when a train is coming, never try to beat it across.

Respect the gate. Don’t try to make it under the gate, drivers should stay outside the marked “stop line.

Should your car get stuck on the train tracks you need to get out and as far away from the train tracks as possible. Don’t ever attempt to stay and push the vehicle from the tracks, just get away. There is a good chance that when that car is struck by the train it is going to fly and believe me, you do not want to be stood in its path.

The simplest thing to know is that in a collision between a train and a passenger vehicle, the passenger vehicle always loses.

Run away from the tracks at a 45 degree angle, in the direction from which the train is coming.

I know, why would you want to run “towards” the train, but there is a very good reason for doing this. By running towards the train and out at a 45 degree angle you avoid being hit by flying debris. When you run toward the train, you run away from the site of the potential collision.

Along with the above, you are running at an angle rather than parallel to the tracks because trains can overhang the tracks by about three feet on each side.

While commuter trains are designed to stop and start frequently, freight trains, which are generally much heavier and longer, can be even more dangerous, experts say, because they can take nearly a mile to come to a full stop, even when the emergency brake is thrown. But, just because commuter trains can stop more quickly doesn’t mean they can stop before they actually hit you.

Once you get out of the vehicle, do not try to grab any belongings from the vehicle. Anything you own can be replaced, your life most certainly can’t.

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