What to Plant to Attract Bees

 What to Plant to Attract Bees

Sadly it has taken a huge decrease in the bee population for us to stand up and start actually seeing the benefits of these little creatures.

Thankfully there are simple things that we can do to give them a helping hand and one of those things is to simply plant flowers that bees like. The right plants and flowers will ensure that the bees always have a reliable source of food. Before you know it, you will have attracted a wide range of different creatures. Also note that there are no excuses as these flowers can be planted even in a city.

We need to be able to plant flowers in our garden that can give the bees both pollen for the protein and nectar for the carbohydrates. But what flowers should we be planting? Let’s take a look…

Where possible, I have added Amazon links to purchase the seeds or small plants as you wish.

1. Aster

I always remember my grandmother having plenty of these planted around the garden. I’m not sure if she realised the help that she was giving the bees back then but she loved all creatures.

The Aster can grow up to around 6′ tall and they have lots of little blooms on a single plant. They can bring a wide variety of beautiful colors to your garden especially towards the end of the growing season.

I would be very surprised if you couldn’t find an Aster that you liked. You can find them in a range of colors and sizes.

2. Bee Balm

The name of this one pretty much gives it away that it would be a beneficial flower for the bees in your garden. The Bee Balm is absolutely amazing at attracting all kinds of wildlife to your garden.

These plants can grow to be around 4′ tall and you can encourage a second round by deadheading the flowers. You have a wide selection of different colors to choose from so you are sure to find the right fit for your garden. I will warn you though that these are prolific spreaders.

3. Pussy Willow

You can help to feed the queen bees as they establish new colonies in the early spring by planting one of these Pussy Willow trees in your garden. The male blooms much earlier in the year than the female and can help the bees through the pollen-scarce months of March and April when little else is in flower.

The fuzzy catkins of the Pussy Willow tree appear before the leaves come out and is the bud stage of the flower. Once the fur disappears they are replaced by flowers. While there are both male and female trees, it is only the male Pussy Willow flowers that can produce the much needed pollen. Both the males and females will produce nectar.

4. Lavender

It wouldn’t be a list of the perfect plants unless Lavender was there somewhere. This is not only a good looking plant but it also smells absolutely amazing too. It is a great source of nectar for both bees and butterflies and the great thing is that you don’t need a lot of space as it can be grown in pots.

5. Abelia

Also known as the ‘Bee Bush’ the Abelia’s plentiful clusters of small sweet smelling white flowers can be seen spring through fall. You will need some space for these though as they can grow to around 6 feet tall and the same width.

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