Why Everyone Should Carry a Personal Alarm!

 Why Everyone Should Carry a Personal Alarm!

Not just women or the elderly, everyone!

There are those women who have just escaped an abusive relationship or those elderly people who just want to feel safer while keeping their independence, everyone should be carrying a personal alarm for their own safety.

Basically these small devices can attach to your purse or bag, and when activated, they let out a loud ear-piercing noise. This not only usually ends an attack instantly but it also alerts others to the fact that you need help.

You do need to understand that these are only one form of deterrent and they rely on the bystanders to come to you. It is always good to have a plan B.

I have written before about my opinion on some of the best personal alarms which you can view here

What to Look For in a Personal Alarm

If you have already looked into the market of personal alarms then you will have seen that there are literally thousands to choose from. Not all are as good as others.

I believe there are just two things that you need to look out for with personal alarms:

  • Decibels – you need the alarm to disorientate an attacker and to do that it needs to be loud. Most personal alarms being sold are in the region of 135+ decibels.
  • Operability – it needs to be easy to carry and easy to operate. If it can’t be used single-handedly then it’s no good.

In an emergency, how you operate the alarm plays a big role. There are alarms being sold with different methods of activation so you need one that’s right for you.

Why You Need a Personal Alarm

I know that practically everyone has a mobile phone on them nowadays but it isn’t always accessible. Right? You might put your phone down when you get home but the personal alarm is designed to go with you. Many are designed to be either clipped onto a keyring or worn by the individual. This way, even after a fall, the device is always in reach.

Most of the good models available now are also waterproof which means that you can even take them out with you jogging for that extra layer of protection.

Their ease-of-use is something that I want to bring up as I think it is very important. You may be able to do little tasks right now with perfectly still hands, that will change after a disasters or during a crisis. Personal alarms have been designed to be easy to use.

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