Why You Need a Dash Cam

 Why You Need a Dash Cam

Call it what you will, the handy little dash cam has helped to save thousands of lives around the world. In basic terms, it is a camera that is mounted inside your vehicle that records while you drive both inside and outside of the car.

They are used by a wide variety of people from regular drivers to police officers. Let’s take a look at why you should install a dash cam in your vehicle.

1. Evidence in an Accident

There are a lot of accidents happening on our roads these days and a lot of insurance companies failing to pay out on legitimate claims. As soon as you start that engine the camera will start recording. If you’re involved in an accident, you’ve got the proof right there! You can just send the tape for evidence so the other party can’t claim that it was all your fault.

2. Prevent Fraud

Insurance fraud is a BIG problem!

While some of these cases may be small and harmless they can also be dangerous. There are people that will intentionally go out and cause an accident just to place the blame on someone else. This is often used as a way to extort money from somebody. Don’t let yourself become a victim, invest in a dash cam that will keep you on the safe side.

3. Catch When You Least Expect It

Some people have caught some unbelievable things with their dash cams. All you’ve got to do is go and watch a few videos of dash cam footage where they have caught the accidents of others or some even more incredible than that, like the Russian meteorite. These were all recorded on simple dash cams.

Those videos below are what we consider some of the craziest things ever caught on dash cam.

Final Thoughts

Do we believe a Dash cam is a worthy investment? Yes, we most certainly do! They are incredibly easy to install and use so there isn’t really any reason not to have one. The safety benefits alone should make you want to get one.

If you’ve been pulled over for something that you know you haven’t done, your dash cam is all the evidence you need.

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