Why You Should Keep Your Landline Phone For Emergencies

 Why You Should Keep Your Landline Phone For Emergencies

With almost everybody now having mobile phones, the traditional landline is being ditched at an alarming rate.

Even those homeowners that choose to have a home phone are opting for the wireless versions which allow them to use the phone within a certain range of the base station without worrying about any cords. This makes sense, but is it smart?

What happens when disaster strikes? That phone becomes useless…

We all experience power cuts at some point and in most cases, they are fairly short-lived but what do you do if the power goes out for an extended period and you need to call for help or to check on relatives?

These home-based wireless phones will not work in this case, even when fully charged because the unit relies on mains power to work.

This being said, a traditional corded phone does not require this same power and should still work without issue even during a blackout. The only time it won’t work is if for any reason the phone network is also down. How? Your corded phone doesn’t use the power from the mains, it instead gets its power from the local telephone exchange, which has back-up power available.

So yes, always keep a backup corded phone for use in emergencies…

If your area is hit with a power outage that lasts beyond the battery or charging ability for your wireless or cell phones, you’ll be glad to have this old-fashioned yet quite capable phone system.

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