Write For UK Survival Guides

Write For UK Survival Guides

First off, thank you for your interest in writing for UK Survival Guides.

UK Survival Guides is highly selective in which guest submissions it chooses to publish. To increase the chances of your article being published, please follow the following guidelines:

  • Articles should be a minimum of ~600 words and a maximum of ~4,000 words
  • Articles should follow the style, format, and tone typical of UKSG articles
  • Articles should be organized with an introduction and at least a couple sections with headings; they should not be a solid block of text
  • Articles should be well-edited for organization, flow, style, and grammar

The topic of the article will be selected by you. We do not pre-vet article ideas. In selecting your topic, pick a subject that fits UKSG’s mission and values, and has not been covered by us previously. However, if you have a new angle on something we’ve already covered, we would be open to reviewing it.

Articles on subjects of all kinds will be considered, but we are particularly looking for articles that cover:

  • How-to skills (survival, bushcraft, camping, etc.)
  • DIY skills/projects
  • Prepping, survival, homesteading
  • Day to day skills that would be needed after disaster such as carpentry and automechanics

Only email copy guest submissions are accepted, and should be sent to:

[email protected]

Please include your name and links to your website and social media accounts if any.

After your article is submitted, our editor will review it and send you an email in 3-6 weeks notifying you of either its acceptance or rejection. We unfortunately do not have time to explain the reasons for a rejection.

Thanks again for the interest and best of luck in the process!

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