You Don’t Need a Knife to Cut Paracord

 You Don’t Need a Knife to Cut Paracord

I would say that the most common piece of survival equipment that gets discussed on the internet has to be paracord and for good reason, there is no end to the amazing uses that something so simple can have.

One of the good points about paracord is how tough it actually is which can also be a problem if we manage to misplace our knife. Luckily for us, we don’t need a knife to cut through paracord, we can use it against itself.

This method is super fast, effective, and pretty much anybody can do it when needed.

What you need:

  • Paracord
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Strength
  • Knife

1. Prepare Your Paracord

The first step is to simply work out how much paracord you need for the task. Once calculated, pinch the area together where you wish to make the cut.

2. Get Your Posture Right

You should at this stage know where you want to make the cut in your paracord so it is time to secure the paracord to the ground which we do by standing on each side of the paracord length. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, with the cut point in the center.

There needs to be a little amount of slack in the paracord. This way, when you pinch and pull at your cut point, it comes up directly in the center of your two feet and comes off of the ground 4-8 inches.

3. Get Ready to Saw

It is now time to create our “saw”.

Grab a length of the paracord to the side of one of your feet and wrap it up and over your foot while keeping your foot firm.

Thread the paracord down underneath the length that you’re standing on so that you have enough length to get a good grip on each side.

Pull up with both hands and check that the “saw” is inline with the cut point. Adjust your foot as necessary.

4. Start Sawing

As you will probably have guessed by now, we will be cutting our paracord using friction.

Firmly hold onto each end of the “saw” and pull upwards towards your chest and then rapidly alternate moving your hands in a sawing motion.

When done correctly, this effective method of cutting paracord without a knife takes less than a minute.

Cutting Paracord With Paracord Video

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