You Vs Wild With Bear Grylls Trailer

 You Vs Wild With Bear Grylls Trailer

Netflix have finally dropped the trailer for its upcoming new show ‘You Vs Wild’ with Bear Grylls in which you decide Grylls’ fate.

The series will be eight episodes long in which you will watch as he forages through uncharted terrain. The thing is, it is YOU that decides what he does. Does he eat that, doesn’t he? Does he go that way, or that way? In other words, his fate is completely in your hands.

I’m not personally a fan of Bear Grylls but I think this series could be a good way of making sure that the knowledge you have is correct.

You’re in charge here! You’re on this journey with me! And if you don’t make the right choices, it might not end well for me!Bear Grylls

Obviously, he is never really in any danger as both versions (right choice and wrong choice) will have been played out and shot.

As with most Bear Grylls shows, if nothing else it may be entertaining so will be checking it out.

You Vs. Wild launches on Netflix on April 10th.

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